Stretching – for more flexibility

Along with aerobic and anaerobic exercise, stretching is the main type of physical exercise. In it a muscle or muscle group stretched maximum, which increases elasticity and tone exercised muscle group. The result is a feeling of improved muscle control and a greater breadth of the movement.
With proper training it is possible to achieve high flexibility of the joints and tendons. Furthermore, the mechanical change in muscle and tendon occurs permanent increase of the content of the synovial fluid in the joints, also have significant health and physiological effects, notably increase joint mobility and reduce the risk of osteoarthritis.
The fundamental rule of stretching is the maximum compression of the muscles and joints can not last more than a minute, as this can lead to injury. Also, stretching should never be done to a degree that causes pain. As well as a separate exercise, stretching can be integrated as an element in anaerobic or aerobic workout – before, during and after.
When properly perform stretching prevents injuries, increases the volume and range of motion and increase physical capabilities. Stretching also prevents sclerosis of the arteries in the large muscle groups, thereby maintaining their blood supply. Strengthening the joints improves coordination and balance of the body in space. Finally, stretching is an effective means for the prevention and elimination of muscle cramps.


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