7 signs we’re under stress

When we are under stress our body alert, but do not always take into account its signals …

Ignoring these warnings could cause chronic stress increases the risk of various health problems such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke and depression.
1. Dreams

Strange and recurring dreams of Eden common signs that something bothers us. The presence of a stressor sends a signal to the subconscious mind, which is generated in the form of a dream.
Understanding the often recurring element in sleep can help reduce and eliminate stress factors, experts say.
2. Muscle spasms

Stiffness in muscles or muscle spasms also suggest that we are under stress. Seemingly harmless twitching eyelid can signal a test of anxiety and stress, although this fact is still not supported by sufficient evidence.
Experts say prolonged mental stresses that provoke convulsions of the muscles that are the cause of pain in the back and waist.
3. Gnashing of teeth

Gritting his teeth in a dream or chewing revealed stressor. Rarely can we hear what we do while we sleep, but if you noticed the person next to us is advisable to determine the problems that plague. Sometimes talking to a close is critical.

4. Delayed menstruation

The delay period is often caused by stress, anxiety or depression. Sometimes stress is the reason for a painful and heavy menstruation.
5. Problems with hair

Loss or graying of hair is not only a sign of aging, and stress.
Hair loss due to physiological stress is temporary and lasts as long as the stressor itself. Once it is established and persists, restore and normal cycle of hair.
Very often stress trihotilomaniya monitor the situation in which appears the desire for plucking hair or other hairy areas.
6. Gastrointestinal problems

Stress can also cause more serious problems, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The relationship between gastrointestinal problems and stress is not yet fully clear, but it seems it can lead to greater sensitivity of the intestine.
7. Immunity

The weakening of the immune system are also due to stress. Elevated levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, decreased strength of the inflammatory response, which prevents the immune system to fight off foreign invaders in the body.


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