Beer – helpful or harmful drink?

Beer is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, it is appropriate to inquire what has physiological effects on the body.
Since alcoholic beverages, traditional lager in great portions and essential oil of it, the most interesting components of the pharmacological point of view are humulonovite, lupulonovite prenilnaringeninat acids. The first two groups of substances are well known soothing properties. It is well known that beer has a pronounced sedative (calming) effect is much stronger than an equivalent amount of ethanol taken in the form of other alcoholic beverages.
For prenilnaringenina must say that it is one of the most potent phytoestrogens known to medicine. His strength is similar to that of estradiol, which, incidentally, makes a very good drink beer for women in menopause.
Beer also contains significant amounts of yeast, which is not accidentally called beer … Brewer’s yeast containing yeast fermentation process carried out – they break down maltose into glucose, which is further degraded to ethyl alcohol. In the course of vital processes, except ethyl alcohol yeast that synthesize large quantities of vitamins C. Also, they require large amounts of minerals such as selenium, magnesium, phosphorus and others., Meaning perhaps somewhat surprising that beer is actually a good source of minerals and B vitamins
According to several studies, the process of filtering the beer that gives the clear and perhaps more aesthetically appealing removed much of brewer’s yeast, and thus a significant part of its ingredients.

As for the famous beer belly, many researchers believe that the role of beer in obesity is undeserved overemphasized, while attention is removed from the truly important factors. Indeed, beer contains calories – about 220 calories for 500 ml lager. It is true also that it tends to increase appetite – property due to bitter substances in hops.

However, today it is assumed that less beer as systematic overeating and low physical activity are the cause of „beer“ belly, which are known lovers of beer. However, you must remember that beer contains carbohydrates – about 15 to 18 grams per 500 milliliters for the various species. Although one to two beers a day alone can not be the cause of obesity, heavy beer can affect weight.
Although moderate consumption of beer certainly has some health benefits must be pointed out that the benefits outweigh the negatives only within a narrow quantitative range. Excess of 1.5 liters lager a day is enough to make ethanol in an amount that weighs a lot more than any potential benefits of beer.

Moreover, contrary to the claims of many men, 1.5 liters (three beers) are ample to cause significant prolongation of reaction time and impair driving ability.


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