February is the worst month for sleep

This month the sleep is significantly less than in March. 

According to experts, the sleep time in bed increased by 8 minutes than usual and spend the night with 10 minutes longer awake, that can significantly impair concentration and our ability to work the next day. 

Women are particularly affected because their sleep has fallen by 7% in February compared to the rest of the year. 
 For men, the rate is 5%.

Sleep disorder in February may be due to weather conditions in season, lack of fresh air, heating the house, etc. 

These factors are detrimental to the quality of sleep throughout the winter season, but in February they are most noticeable. 
To function properly, the body needs rest and enough sleep. 
Lack of sleep makes us tired  and lifeless ,until sufficient hours of sleep have restorative effect, improve alertness, mood and performance.


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