Rice – 3 types for health

It is believed that frequent and regular consumption of rice is not recommended due to lack of amino acids and vitamin C in this type of diet. Experts believe, however, that rice has many health benefits and help regulate weight. Here it is important to know which type is most useful.

Brown rice, for example, is rich in minerals and fiber, low glycemic index. It is composed of magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium. It contains about 2.5% protein.

Moreover, brown rice is low-calorie and less carbohydrate than white rice.

According to dietitians and nutritionists, brown rice is healthier because it contains a significant amount of fiber and nutrients that protect the heart by reducing harmful proteins and cholesterol in the blood.

Black rice is rich in antioxidants, substances that have demonstrated a protective effect against cardiovascular, cancer and other diseases.

This type of rice is known in ancient China as „forbidden rice“ – its consumption is only possible for the nobility.

Red rice, except for food, used in Chinese medicine to treat various health problems.

Its consumption improves blood circulation and digestion. Good tool in fighting bad cholesterol.

Protein found in red rice is absorbed much better by the body ,than brown rice.


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