6 tips to be irresistible


Eating a variety of foods and beverages, and the application of special care for the physical and spiritual condition is the key to look and feel with confidence, mood, full of energy and be irresistible.

1. Black Tea

Black tea has an option to tone and exhilarating. Black tea contains less caffeine, but enough to help the blood flow in the brain. Furthermore, it is believed that small amounts of caffeine protects the heart.

2. Green Tea

Green tea leaves are harvested when they are young. Contain about 4% caffeine. It is composed of a class of polyphenols bioflavonoids with high antioxidant activity. Catechins have about 25 to 100 times higher antioxidant capacity than vitamins C and E.

Alkaloids such as caffeine and theophylline heobromin a stimulant, stimulant effect.

3.Milk shake

A more unusual way to get refreshed and energetic. It takes 2 apples, 1 banana, 1 tablespoon of honey, nuts – 50 g and 250 ml cold milk. Clean and peel the apples. All this  shake well and drink immediately. Should not be allowed to stand because it darkens.

4. Fresh appearance

After a long tiring day of work or travel often we don’t look as we would like.

A face mask may have a surprising effect.

It is a great way to return the freshness and vitality of the person while it cleans and refreshes.

5. Contrast  shower and hot tub

One of the fastest ways to Wake and refreshed is to take a contrast shower. What matters to him is the difference in temperatures is not very large – about 40 degrees warm water and about 30 for the cold.

Flows of hot and cold water alternately, with warm standing about 1.5 minutes and cold – 0.5 minutes.

They take turns 4-5 times.

 To feel really fresh then have to complete the procedure with cold water.

Hot tub is recommended even when we have headache.

It’s nice to fill the tub with hot water as we can tolerate and relax.

Thanks to the hot water, the blood goes to the hands and feet and stopped pounding in his head.

The combination of warm invigorating bath oil is very energizing.

These oils act antidepressant and support concentration suppress anxiety and also improve mental alertness.

The contrast shower and hot tub are not recommended for people with heart problems.


Another way to overcome fatigue and recharge is meditation. By train her mind to remove everything somehow disturb us.

Leads to a state of perfect calm, sometimes  deep sleep.

Body and mind relax completely.

Many have found that 20 minutes of meditation enough and act as refreshing a few hours sleep.

In combination with pleasant scents and relaxing music, the effect is indescribable.


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