Zumba – can it be dangerous?


Besides quite invigorating, energizing and charging with enthusiasm and good humor, Zumba may be a little risky to health because of the risk of injury.

The most common injuries are twisted ankles, torn ligaments and muscle connections, the strain knee and others.

Specialists advise beginners to approach slowly and carefully to dance. Synchronicity and the balance of the body is essential.

Zumba is a  Latino dance. Mix beats, dance, aerobics and fitness. Very good combination that combines pleasure with useful. Along with immersion in Latin rhythms and unloading of daily stress burn calories, tighten to a large number of muscle groups and improves cardiac rhythm.

To maintain good tone influenced dance and other elements involved in the choreography of dance, hip-hop, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, flamenco, martial arts, Bollywood, Tango and belidens.

This combination of dance rhythms  sometimes if is not done correctly, can lead to serious physical injuries.

 Zumba must be not  practiced without the presence of a professional instructor.

Warm-up before the dance can also reduce the risk of injury.



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