6 Tips for Stress

When we are stressed, we eat a lot, or on the contrary, we forget to eat … Typical are other signs of neglect responsibility and care for  own body and personality …

Lowered hygiene or  not  care about our outlook.

Shaving can wait , not  cleaning the shoes also .

This is a sure sign  for negligence, the depression is when they look seriously unsupported.

Few signs can show the  mental suffering.

People who care about us will probably guess that something is wrong and will ask questions.

Others will simply stay away or „capture“ our sense of discomfort and weakness .

There are moments when we  realize that the stresses to which we are subject  „remove us from the rails.“

What can be useful, then to defend the body against the stress ?

 Six simple rules to which we must adhere.

Sometimes  just a list  with points help  us to „find our feet“ and stabilize  us emotionally.

Find the 6 tips for stress:
1. Force yourself to eat regularly

Regular happens to us – no breakfast because it’s late to skip lunch because we hurry for a meeting or „chase“ graphic … But our body and more our brain need constant „fuel“.

If the body feels the need of energy appears prone to irritability and anger.

Events will be taking it easy, if you eat regularly, at approximately the same intervals and balanced. This means taking the necessary security for the body and food substances in the correct ratio of carbohydrates, preferably protein and fat.
2. Do you get angry – drink water

In the United States were conducted some interesting experiments with voluntary participation by students. Children are encouraged to drink more water. As a result, become more relaxed and improve their ability to concentrate. The truth is that when our body is dehydrated, the nervous system is more sensitive and thus become more petulant.

To avoid unnecessary outbreak and help stabilize your emotions, try to insure your body the minimum required water – 8 glasses of water a day.

3. Move

Choose the most pleasant option for you physical activity or by the most economical resource for time. It is important not to limit your physical activity, as it is one of the most effective antidotes to stress. Any longer physical activity stimulates the synthesis of endorphins in the brain. It helps to feel more confident, more sociable, happy and resourceful. This prevents idling insidious stress and avoiding anger.
4. Limit alcohol

In our lifestyle is a popular one wrong habit, after a hard and tiring day to relax with a glass of alcohol. The sad conclusion is that alcohol can only make matters worse.
5. Find the problem and name it

Sometimes we feel depressed,but unclear why.

Irritable, nervous and tend to all of a sudden explodes when an innocent remark.

We all have feelings and we are going to worry, be considered undervalued or disadvantaged.

Think about what bothers you.

Well analyze all the facts, as often in such situations the problem that confounds us, is not directly obvious.

And if you need  ask questions.

Sometimes it is not nice to learn the bitter truth, but learning itself relaxes.

Maybe in this case it is simply a mismatch and misunderstanding, and as often happens …

6. Remember the four steps

When you are on the brink before saying replica which will regret …
First – take a step back
Second – take an object in your hands
Third – count to ten,
Fourth – take a deep breath.

If you still remember the reply, speak it out loud, obvious need to clarify the situation.

Of course, serve it in a soft and polite form to reach your goal.

If you have forgotten what  irritated you  or  you are already  calm – just tap your opponent’s shoulder …

Remember: control of what is happening is your element!


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