How to improve your day just in 5 minutes?


Sounds unbelievable, but doing certain activities only within five minutes can increase the tone and mood. These are 9 easy ways to reduce stress and improve day.
1. Fix your bed.

This is a small ritual that can help create a peaceful atmosphere in the bedroom, and this is important for sleep hygiene. Quality sleep is important to do good mood.
2. Prepare your breakfast.

Do not miss the breakfast! If you hurry and do not have time to eat at home, I prepare a healthy breakfast and then eat as soon as possible. The menu may include fruit, unsalted nuts, low-fat cheese or yogurt.

3. Clean your desk.

Chaos can lead to loss of concentration and reduce productivity. Clean and organize your workplace and you will feel more organized and able to concentrate on tasks.
4. Listen  music.

It is a safe and healthy way to make your day more enjoyable.
Several studies have found that listening to music can help to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and improve mood. So prepare a list of favorite songs that will provoke you to smile, whether working or relaxing.
5. Aromatherapy.

Inhaling the fresh aroma can affect your mood. Japanese scientists found that linalool – a substance found in lemons, reduces feelings of stress.
The aroma of basil, juniper and lavender is also beneficial for reducing stress.
6. Stretching.

No need to do complicated exercises. Effect can be achieved with a few simple moves. Stretch your arms above your head. Raise and lower your shoulders several times. Stretch your legs while bending your torso against the wall. Be careful in the performance of exercise and do not exert yourself unnecessarily.
Stretching can help improve circulation and flexibility and relieve tight muscles that occurs as a result of stress.

7. Meditate.

It’s easier than you think. Sit in a comfortable position in a chair or on the floor. Then turn your attention to your breathing for a few minutes. Meditating every day, even just for a few minutes helps relieve stress.
8. Unplug electronics.

Take time for a little break from cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices. The constant staring at the computer, television and other screens lowers energy levels and may promote inaction. This is especially important to relax before bedtime.
9. Arrange your priorities.

Admit that you can not do everything at once. Make a list and rank their priorities.

This will help you understand which activities are essential !


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