5 ways to deal with anger

1. Do not argue after 21 p.m

Usually disputes out of control at night when we are tired or home from school at the end of the week. If often happens to increase t home after harvesting is to understand the important issues delaying the call for the early hours of the day, the best morning.

Relax and recuperate faster to take the right decision.

It is true: „Wisdom comes with the morning.“
2. Rubber toy

There is stressful jobs that keep us energized all day and then escalated as everyday schedule just before an important meeting, for example. Squeezing a rubber ring or ball point distracts us from unpleasant thoughts and prevent „flare“ us.
3. Replace aggressive approach

Aggression is considered one of the most successful approaches in business, but it has a high price.

Respect to the caller, partners and even competitors, is part of the game, which contradicts the first. In order to achieve our own plans and intentions, and „get“ someone to do what we want, more successful manner of behavior to manifest self-confidence and assertiveness. Pattern of expression, which is very profitable is using the first person in the sentence and calm. For example, „I would like to assist me in. ..“ instead of „Do this.“

4. Be a „lazy“

Some work much. From morning till night. There is no sure method to accumulate fatigue, wear, irritability and anger. An effective way to have friendly broadcast is .. to „escape“ as soon as the office. This includes not only the time to go to work, but leaving in half an hour for lunch and an opportunity to walk twenty minutes away.
Plan a walk after working hours and go to bed early.
Constant only work without taking sufficient rest and sleep, without sufficient time for entertainment, not only act oppressive but harm mental and general health.
5. Laugh

Laughter is the antidote to anger, especially if you speak irony. Rather than resist what is to blame for the mistakes and be mad at yourself outdoor fun in the situation and move on.
Always look for a reason to laugh – friends, relatives, colleagues. Compulsory dissolution thus evening. If your company is missing – view or read a funny comedy book.


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