6 myth of flu


Your nose is stuffy, your eyes are red, aches all over the body … Typical symptoms of flu or cold that is nothing more than a respiratory infection with another virus less …

Flu unlike knocks your cold suddenly seemed seized and your ability to think. You can not do anything but to stay home and heal faster instead of transmitting the virus to their colleagues. His symptoms are persistent and if you afford to ignore the signs of a sharp increase in body temperature and sore throat are not placed in the same risk.

How long will you stay at home depends on how you are treated … There are several  allegations of flu and colds that rather than help you, hurt you. Good to know to prevent medication errors and bad or relapse.
Who are they?

1. Influenza is the same

Influenza is not just a disease from which we suffer each year by law. It is an infection that develops due to infection with viruses of type A and type B. These viruses, as well as others, have unpleasant ability to evolve and adapt to external factors, ie, they mutate, they can continue to exist and therefore this means to build their capacity to overcome the body’s defenses and memory of our immunity. Flu viruses change every year to attack us again next cold season. That is why each year, a new influenza vaccination. Downside being that there is only one flu virus usually circulates several strains, which means that the flu can get sick several times in a season. Our body builds immunity only to those viruses encountered. Why vaccines include protection against 2-3 strains.

2. The vaccine can cause  the flu

Flu vaccines are made from inactivated virus that can not cause infection. In the event that occurred after vaccination sick, it is because of another reason. In order for the body to build up protection against viruses, you should take time at least two weeks after immunization. The most likely cause of flu in this case, contamination day or two before or during the vaccination period.

3. Stay out make you sick

In fact, more often sick during the cold season because of viruses circulating in the air indoors in residence. Spread of the virus is not associated in any way with the cold outside. You can get flu, even if you are standing by the fireplace permanently, as it is contacted with the virus.

4. Influenza is transmitted by kissing

For this to happen it is necessary to swallow a huge dose of the virus, which is impossible to happen when kissing. In addition, a small number of viruses persist in the lining of the lips and oral cavity. On the other hand, saliva has some disinfecting properties. What can heal, is contact with nasal secretions, and it, in this case.

Respiratory viruses are spread mainly through our hands and touch surfaces which are affected by the buttons in elevators, on public transport handles, doors, keyboards, mice, phones … To prevent infestation enforce good hygiene – personal and wash your hands regularly and objects that are touched by many.

5. When I feel good, I’m healed

This is one of the most common mistakes that go back to bed after the days drag on recovery and worsen the disease. Treatment should continue as long as your doctor recommends, without terminating its head painted intake of drugs for signs of improvement in the general condition. Caring for the body of risk factors in the improvement of the condition also is important for rapid recovery.

6. Chicken soup helps with flu

Surprise! This is not a myth. The fact is that chicken soup contains some ingredients that have a positive effect on the immune system – helping white blood cells that are the major „combat units“ fall into the body against foreign microorganisms. So, allow consumption of hot chicken soup when you’re sick – can only be beneficial.


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