Seven types of purity

From ancient times it was believed that a person has several levels of protection to help him stay healthy physical and spiritual – that are 7 types of purity:
1. Purity of body, purity of clothes;
2. Purity of mind – positive thoughts – about life, about youself and others;
3. Purity of heart, feelings – remove all toxic emotions such as hatred, envy, jealousy, resentment and replace them with positive emotions  as love and gratitude;
4.Purity of eyes – just look at beautiful things, do not peek into the lives of others;
5. Purity of ears – listen nice things , protect you from the rumors and gossip 
6.Purity of language – speak clearly, precisely and beautifully,keep the secrets of other people only for you, don’t make empty promises, not gossip.
7. Purity of the stomach – eat  only clean food.



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