6 signs that you have depression

Symptoms of depression are different for everyone and depends on the circumstances and life stage in which we find ourselves. However, there are some signs that clearly indicate that mood is affected seriously and mental illness. Perhaps some of them have noticed yourself – when you’re not in the mood „does not want anyone to bother us,“ we often do not do anything, it seems incomprehensible and pointless.
Summarizing several signs of depression in which the first beginnings is good to think about your emotional state and give your holiday …

1. One of the most obvious signs of depression that others caught subconsciously, but in most cases the correct interpretation is isolated from the rest. If you go to blame someone that you seek, and the connection is stable before you accused of a lack of interest, I give all that this behavioral change is only to you or to others.
In case you yourself lately Avoid contact with friends and relatives try to assess his condition. To prevent entering and deepening depression before they find the cause of your hip, develop a schedule of meetings with loved ones. No better and fast cure for depression. This will prevent entry into a vicious circle – isolated predisposes to test a lot of stress and the effect of stress in one way or another is withdrawn and disconnections.

2. Signal that emotional illness is when we start to attach more importance and attention to unpleasant, or casual, normal and minor events. Too much experience and constant return to the event ultimately creates a negative self-esteem. Perhaps you happened to tell her to mind „My own fault! You should do this and that … Who now will you take it? „Start you talk to yourself, know that you have fallen into enemy territory and in time will fall under the power of its criticisms. We can protect ourselves from the habit of turning to „fly – an elephant.“ The fact that someone we podmetnal a replica of the queue in the shop is right to stay there and not to bear with us.
Unfortunately, when you suffer from depression it is impressive are those little things that take the time, creative energy, stamina … To overcome, need some outside help … Helps focus attention on other, pleasant activities.

3. Failure often becomes an occasion to rise cup of concentrate. Drink, blurred consciousness, distorted self, reality … But no cure. Rather, predisposes to more quickly and safely enter a thorny path to depression. If you regularly reaching for alcohol, it certainly suffers personality.
Alcohol, although it relieves anxiety and unpleasant sense of self, taking part in some brain processes, affects the central nervous system. For starters takes sleep. This tendency to be negative in three sets – for the sake of a story, because alcohol chemical processes in the brain, because it is impossible to recover due to the inferiority of sleep …
I start to feel honest, emotionally ill when consuming alcohol, it is appropriate to stop and look for a way to solve the problem that your struggling with or without assistance.

4. Experience constant uncertainty and insecurity in their own powers and abilities. Avoid trying anything new, which is why your life has become routine. Do not like working for years complaining about the conditions, you feel frustrated, out of place and at the same time reject the proposal by the familiar fear that they will not deal … This rejection is not an option. If you doubt the success of the three alternative ways to achieve a goal and you are pessimistic about finding a solution – just take a vacation, escape from the city and try to stop this negativity, the emotional charge and regain control of your mood.

5. Now which way to reaching for a dessert bar? Spend the day at the desk, in the car, hardly need the extra energy of dessert, let alone more. However crave sweets.
Sugar has the effect of increasing the mood somewhat, but, alas, for short. Two hours after the consumption of dessert block blood sugar „crashes“, which in turn depressed.
To avoid these mood swings because nutrition is necessary to maintain stable blood sugar levels. This is achieved with a balanced diet, more frequent intervals and small quantities.

6. If lately you have no desire to get involved in sporting activities that generally adore, is a sign that you feel a lack. The movement, however, is seriously  therapeutic tool. When dancing, swimming or just run levels of serotonin and dopamine increase, which improves mood and loads of positivity and confidence. So when you are feeling low, although there is no desire to exercise, it is desirable to harness the body with the brain. This antidepressant is healthy!


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