Why use Google Chrome?


Why do computers give different results in different set same keyword search.

When shopping at the store, we want to get to the freshest fruits and most vegetables fresh, not wilted and stagnant pre 5-10 days or more. At first glance, the demand for fruit and vegetables and a demand for information on the Internet, there can be no analogy, but the following example will show that this is not so. As with the purchase of fruits and looking for information we want to get the freshest fruits and freshest results for our search. Do not know if you have noticed, but different computers give different results when searching for the same phrase or search on a single keyword. Why is this and what are the main factors determining the results of your search.

First and most important is the browser you have installed on your computer. This is how search engines work much said we will only mark the most important moments. Everyday GOOGLE and other search engines send their spiders – scouts to explore the Internet for new information or confirmation of existing. Upon returning to the servers where they sent out a new report on information such as replacing the outdated or keep it if it is unchanged. I.e. they make a snapshot or cache of your page, refresh the results is roughly ten to fifteen days depending on the importance of your site ie whether it is static – without frequent changes or dynamic content in it every day to work and gets more and more information. When we search for a particular keyword result we see is the result she kept server – base data, our observations are that Google stores a number of results on the same page before 5 days before 15 days before month t . etc. In other words, the faster you provide access to Google’s servers more updated information you will receive from them. Most – important factors as we have a browser that runs your computer, operating system, and that its speed internet that provides you with your ISP.

In developing Google Chrome is obvious that its developers have created it in close collaboration with the team created a basic algorithm that Google search and find information. That’s why, as though Google Chrome better understand the algorithm which operates Google, more compatible e and hence have faster access to databases in the server machines and gives Google the most fresh and current data for our, your demand. As the company say about Google Chrome’s free and installs in seconds, try. 




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