9 signs of a healthy relationship

Every relationship is different.

But how do you know if it is stable enough and what we can do to improve it?

I suggest a short list of  9  traits of a healthy relationship:

Emotional support.

Both seek refuge in their relationship with stress and difficult times. Seeking support from loved calms, strengthens the relationship.

You feel loved.

 Both you and your partner feel fully accepted and loved as they are.

Evaluate the relationship.

Relationship with your partner is a priority in your life. Spend enough time to keep it and enjoy it.

Building confidence.

 It is the basis of all lasting and healthy relationships.


You feel comfortable in sharing intimate thoughts and feelings vulnerable.


By kissing, holding hands, hugs, gentle eyes, and sex, of course, maintain intimacy between partners.
 Thus the superior security in the relationship.

Effective conflict management.

 Solve problems as a team.


Have their privacy and allow your partner to be his. With confidence in the relationship you can give each other enough space to be individuals.


It connects partners. Good communication is essential to a healthy and stable relationship.


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