How to increase your stamina?

And to beat stress

When we experience stress, we have the feeling that nothing could help us get out of the situation we are in …

On the other hand, offer hundreds of ways to deal with stress and monotony.
Everyone finds their path and chooses to maintain strong confidence.
There are those who know great, but stubbornly refuse to perform …

Sometimes the decision is easy and requires only one step away, to not succumb and bland ..

I suggest 9 „small recipes“ for the purpose …

Sitting or standing, it does not matter, but spend all day mostly in one place.
Skip to stretch your legs in. .. before closing time discover that swelled legs.
Understand the reason for the burden they feel – but if you have a lead foot and just refused to move.

Stirring for 45 minutes stop the stagnation of blood flow and susceptibility to venous insufficiency, besides being good for the eyes and need of refreshing the mind.

Another thing that might help is to limit the consumption of salt, since it contributes to fluid retention in the body and hence relies tendency to high blood pressure.

For this purpose, it is not enough simply not reaching for the salt and start eating more raw foods, fruits and vegetables and limit passed through sophisticated technological processing.

To your taste, add other spices – there are plenty of them – curry, garlic, rosemary, basil, marjoram, savory, fenugreek, colorful salt.

Modern humans have the disadvantage that the stress test, if mechanically put food in your mouth.

Only food to meet the body’s needs for energy and nutrients.

Mind, spirit, confidence, need no calories.

The most annoying error is that in such situations automatically reach for block chocolate or soaked in sugar syrup cake instead of simply refresh with vitamins an apple, pear or carrot.

We should not forget that the consumption of and greater amount of simple sugars generally leads to spikes in blood sugar – hours after consuming it rises, then falls, and can „lead“ to a state of lethargy, sluggishness, apathy …

We feel deprived of power and drop a thought …

This certainly puts future metabolic problems, blurred weight gain and other unpleasant health conditions …

Eat enough fiber.

 They stimulate peristalsis, help disposing of unnecessary weight from the intestine and prevent the formation of toxins and tone are not affected.

The final result is a diet high in fiber, a feeling of fullness for a long time and has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

Which foods contain fiber: oatmeal, whole grains, vegetables, fruits like apples, citrus, strawberries ..

Have you noticed that when you sleep well work more efficiently, tension does not affect your psyche and your burden, you have a positive attitude and quickly find adequate solutions to such situations.

We need 7-8 hours of sleep a day.

 The more we ignore this truth, the harder it will be to endure and to argue our work.

To facilitate sleep: Do not eat just before bedtime, exercise must be completed two to three hours before the night’s rest, the TV and the laptop stays in another room and pets learn to know their place – it’s in the bedroom. ..

The recommendation to use the stairs instead of the elevator probably you are tired. But consider if in anger and get up and go down again climb the stairs to the office, whether or not you away …

Next time, try instead to angrily svrahkalorichniya reach for dessert or a cigarette …

Ten minutes of vigorous movement on foot certainly clears the senses more than the anger of cortisol.

We know we have to move in order to maintain good physical and emotional balance, but the thought of visiting the gym, though more inhibiting to us.

It is not necessary when you want to take off for activities that do not attract us. There are other ways to keep the tone.

A walk in the mountains, for example, is more charging it simultaneously filled our lungs with oxygen, improves circulation, our contact with nature and clears our minds.

Whenever you feel stuck, you can spend half an hour or for a walk in the nearby park, even when it rains … A desire to run here comes subconsciously.

Tone is associated with good self-esteem and sense of happiness. There is no way to feel happy and pleased if continuously analyze past and plan strategically for the future.

Extractions are actions that require abstraction of emotions cause us to be insensitive, but we can not, which in turn created only sluggish and unpleasant sensations …

To avoid frustration, focus on what you are experiencing now.

Analyze these emotions, what creates them and what prevents them, and act, delivering pleasure.

You can even find a way to transform your boring business process enjoyable.

Sometimes we are stuck because they can not find a solution to a question.
Here it is necessary to look for a way to „build“ and open your senses to new horizons.

Any new knowledge and skill of mind gives us greater flexibility and gives us inspiration.


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