How to make sauerkraut?

Sauerkraut is a product that is traditionally done in the Bulgarian winter supplies as a family and it is something which is present in one form or another of our table in winter.

Prepare the beginning of November and can spend all winter while cold, and even then be preserved.

Select among large and firm cabbages, which split from the cobs of 3-4 cm depth.

Then arranged in the barrel tightly and pressed wood top with a lid and stone or other to the bottom of the bucket.

It flooded with cold brine or sea water and salt in a ratio of 10 liters of water and 400 grams of salt.

Thus prepared large quantities of brine must cover the cabbage and out of about 10-15 cm above the canopy, which squeezed cabbage.

A few days after putting the cabbage should start decanted cabbage, ie replacement of brine. This happens for two weeks every other day. Drain can be done with a hose.
When cabbage rise well konsumasiya can start by removing as cabbages, remember again pretiskate other to the bottom and do not remain uncovered in brine – cabbage juice.


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