Sports against diabetes

Athletes is much less likely to suffer from diabetes. 

With sedentary life are related 30 to 50 percent of all new cases of diabetes type II. 

Studies confirm that the activities of both lighter and with more difficult exercises significantly reduce the risk of diabetes.
Researchers studied the physical activity of 5,990 men. 

They found that burning 500 calories a week through exercise, the risk of diabetes decreased by 6%.

If there is a risk of diabetes (relative disease, obesity and pgn.) 
Exercise proved more useful. 

 For example, among people of certain risk group burned about 2,000 calories, and others – 500 kcal per week. 

At first the risk of diabetes was 41% lower than in the latter.
Sweden has made a study: 181 men with early-stage diabetes for 5 years participated in a special program for weight loss and application of exercise.
As a result, sugar tolerance is increased in 75% of men.
Sports activities increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin.
They are very good for the heart, helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol and low-density cholesterol levels increase with high density.
Work in the fresh air can reduce and maintain your weight, it improves metabolism and increases the efficiency of energy metabolism.
As a result, exercise increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin and the pancreas is easier to live: he does not have to produce too much insulin to extract sugar from the blood.
In other words, sport helps zadsplomashnata gland and this is another strong argument in his favor, especially in people with an increased risk of diabetes. Exercise lower blood sugar levels.

 Defending the pancreas, they can delay the occurrence of diabetes.


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