How to make a pumpkin lantern?

Although Halloween is not a Bulgarian holiday, its popularity in recent years is quite high.

And pagan and Catholic its nuances have long given way to popular aspects.

As pumpkin lanterns.

How to do it faster ?

You need:

– A pumpkin (it has to be big to cut out the eyes and mouth easier)
– Short sharp knife
– Spoon
– Candle (preferably short and thick)
– Pen

1. Cut a round hole around the stem of the pumpkin and get off the resulting „cap.“

2.  Scrape  the seeds  inside with a spoon and knife.

3. Scrape the inside of the pumpkin until its thickness becomes about 1 cm

4. Sketching the features of the „face“ of the pumpkin with a pen.

Draw them a little smaller than you are, so you can prune the outline and thus cut out the parts scratched with chemicals.

5. Cut the contours that you outlined.

The movements of the blade must be more boring than cutting.

Make small slits.

6. Cleaned well around the eyes, mouth and nose.

7. With a knife, circle round the base of the pumpkin from the inside side.

Do not puncture it.
The circle must be larger than the base of your candle.

8. Carefully scrape the soft part of this circle with a spoon.

9. Put the candle in the circle, lit it and go „lid“ of the pumpkin.

10. Place the pumpkin in a conspicuous place and be sure that it burns a candle, which sooner or later must come off.


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