Yogurt Diet

Diet with yogurt for  busy people. 

This diet is super easy, just charge the fridge with yogurt and eat on schedule. 
How to eat  with yogurt diet

The answer comes from the nutritional value of yogurt. 

 For normal (about 3.2-3.6%) fat milk 100 g: 

Calories – 61 

Fat – 3.5 g 

Protein – 3.5 g 

Carbohydrates – 4.6 g 

For cup yogurt 400 grams – 240 calories, 14 g ointment and 14 grams of protein and 18 g carbohydrates. 

If your goal is to keep track of calories and you want to, say, 1500 calories a day, then you can eat six cups yogurt for a day (and nothing else). 

If your goal is to follow not only calories, but also their distribution in protein, carbohydrates and fat, then the relationship in which weakening is:

protein: carbohydrate: fat = 2:2:1
(very difficult to observe, but it is extremely effectively). How to apply diet yogurt ?

Breakfast – 1 whole milk 

At 10:00 – 50 g raw pumpkin seeds (shelled), very useful for  men’s prostate

Lunch – 1 skimmed yogurt 


Afternoon snack – sprouts 100 g – soya and lentils 


Late Afternoon snack – 1 skimmed yogurt 


Dinner – 1 whole yogurt 


Bedtime- huge salad with no more than 50 grams of cheese,if you are very hungry.

I wish you success with  yogurt diet 


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