Make your own costume for Halloween

Halloween is approaching, and for it you will need and a special costume.

 It is enough to have a little creativity and a lot of money.

 Here’s how to make the most cheap and clever costume!

 Do not wait until the day before Halloween to start.

Look at the people and objects around you and ask yourself how you can recreate this.

Look at thrift stores and garage sales for costumes.

 Do not hesitate and buy the costume or part of it if the price is reasonable.

You can not regret, if you have 1 or 2 lev for anything, but it will come in handy.

Costumes can be very simple and still make a big impact.

For example, instead of the usual cloak witch out your elegant black dress from the wardrobe, add a witch hat with a veil of cobwebs around the face.

Put a few plastic spiders on the web.

 For a man, will do a nice formal suit and tie and a funny mask.

And a clever idea for couples is to get a really big shirt, both of you get into it and pretended to be Siamese twins!

Here are some ideas for costumes:

– Sunflower – For body use sweatsuit.

Paint your face yellow and add black dots if you want to simulate seeds.

Glue on a white hat a flower or proto crown of leaves that fits your head.

– Angel –

Again use sweatsuit or long white dress for the body.

Make wings out of white cardboard and gold paint the edges.

Attach tie straps that go around the shoulders.

You can shape a metal clothes hanger into a wing.

Make two wings, put them in a white cloth and re-add straps.

– Pea Pod –

Halve two foam balls with a knife with a serrated blade.
Wrap in green cloth and attach them to the front of the green sweatsuit.

Make a hat in two shades of green cloth and a little brown fabric shaft.

– Leo – Buy a yellow hat or a white hat paint yellow.

Buy long brown faux fur, fake fur yellow and yellow sweatsuit.

Fabric, fake fur can be found in the fabric store.

Add brown fur on the upper part of the hat (a mane), bonded with glue yellow hair into a long tail at the end and put her ball of brown fur.

Pin the tail on the back of the suit.

Cut an oval piece of fur and attach to the abdomen, and mustaches to use eyeliner.

– Dalmatian –

Glue black felt dots onto white tracksuit.

Paint black spots in my face.

Make dots and a white hat, attach it to the ears of the black rugs and round black shoes.

– Picture –

Glue on cardboard copy of a painting of her face (as Mona Lisa).

Cut and paste your face in the hole.

– Think of the same subject with which to disguise all family members – this idea is fun, because all together we complement each other.

Options are super-heroes, vegetables, rabbit family (or other animals) or cartoon characters (ie Mickey / Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck).

You can dress in pairs as a mouse and cheese, as a doctor and patient.

More ideas on how to make a …

– Rudolph – Dye an old pair of sweats brown.
 Put a light brown felt tummy on your chest, make the horn of cardboard and paint his nose red.

– Gift – Wrap an old cardboard box big enough to enter it.

Remove the bottom and make holes for head and arms.

For boxes can wear turtleneck and leggings.

– Christmas tree –

Cut two pieces of cardboard in the shape of a tree. You need one for the front and one on the back.

 Connect them with string over each shoulder.

 Paint them green with latex paint and attach with glue old tinsel and ornaments.

Make a crown with a star on the head.

– Santa Claus – Decorate sweats with white faux fur and big black belt napped.

With more fake fur beard shape.

Remove with a Santa hat and you’re done.

Enjoy :)))


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