How to make homemade yogurt ?!

Bulgarian yogurt is traditional national product.


You may ask „Why should I do it, it’s in the grocery store?“

Bulgarian yogurt is produced only from two ingredients: milk and yeast.

Products containing something else, such as milk powder, colors, sweeteners, starch, preservatives to  stop the fermentation are not Bulgarian yogurt.

So to prepare genuine Bulgarian yogurt we need only two products: fresh milk and homemade yeast.

 Actually a starter yogurt from previous inoculation.

In yeast contains two bacteria – Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus.

If you put the starter with it contains bacteria in milk and provide the necessary temperature conditions for the bacteria after a certain time the milk becomes sour.

In practice pitching it in the following way:

 Boil one liter of milk and let it cool down to about 40 to 45 degrees.

 (Once our grandmothers did not have thermometers and temperature are measured having dipped  fingers in the milk and count to 16.

If they creep toward and last up to 16 means the milk is too hot.

If they can withstand more than 16, then the milk is cooled too much.)

Pouring milk from about a quarter in the appropriate pot and add two to three tablespoons of yogurt.

 Beat well and pour the milk and the rest.

 Stir and cover with lid.

Now should not allow the milk to cool over the next three hours.

 For this purpose  put blanket wrap on the pot and leave in a warm room.

 After three hours remove the blanket and put more yogurt in the fridge to cool.

If the milk does not curdle the reasons could be the following:
– The temperature was too high, that destroyed bacteria

– The temperature was lower and did not provide optimal conditions for bacteria

– If you have used yeast yogurt bought from the supermarket the yeast may never had live bacteria.

Try a different brand of yogurt starter (best is homemade).

The resulting yogurt may differ from what you buy from the store, because it is natural and has no additives, but it is true Bulgarian yogurt.


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