How to obtain vitamins?


The organism produces very small amounts of vitamins – vitamins D, K and B3.

 Most vitamins are obtained through diet.

The vitamins are provided primarily through consumption of fresh floors and vegetables, juices, cereals and pulses and their manufactured products, milk and dairy products, fish, liver, meat, eggs, yeast, nuts.
To ensure adequate absorption of vitamins for the body, however, need a variety of diet and consumed products.
The fact is that even with the implementation of this requirement can not be met such quantities of food to provide the necessary daily needs of the body of all vitamins.

That feeding, for various reasons, such as seasonality in products depending on the distribution of climatic and geographical conditions, features traditional cuisine, malnutrition, economic reasons, the body regularly receives his requirements for all vitamins may lead to a deficiency of some of them, especially when discharging conditions of stress, pollution, disease, requiring intake from supplemental sources.


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