Can I overdose on vitamins?

Trapped in the body of each vitamin binds to a particular protein. It forms an active enzyme that comes in regulation of physiological processes.
Specialized proteins have a threshold of saturation.
Once it is achieved by the excess vitamin begins to accumulate in the body and appears in the urine.
Because fat-soluble vitamins are transported by lipid compounds in the blood and are stored in fatty tissues in their regular intake over a long period of time each day can accumulate in the body to toxic levels.
 Above this level the vitamin begins to damage the body.
Excessive intake leads to a state of hyper-expression of specific complaints.
 It is therefore necessary periods of intake of vitamins A and E can be alternated with periods of rest.
It is recommended that they be taken, if necessary, the recommended prophylactic, and in short supply conditions in the therapeutic dose prescribed by your doctor.
Vitamin D is synthesized in the skin under the influence of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.
Usually infants displayed a deficit of sunlight, such as in subpolar and polar latitudes in winter, and in scarce conditions.
Vitamin K is also synthesized by the body in its requirements so that his reception as a supplement is not necessary, except in cases which lead to its deficit, at the discretion of the physician.
It is related to blood clotting, reduces the permeability of the vessel walls.
Due to the properties of water-soluble vitamins and their rapid removal from the body, this group of vitamins required daily mobilization.

Water-soluble vitamins are easily destroyed by storage and culinary processing of food products.
Given the fact that vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables has declined significantly in recent decades, the food can not provide the necessary amount for the body.
To maintain a constant balance of water-soluble vitamins they need to adopt additional resources in the form of tablets or syrups.
These vitamins can not overdose, the body uses its requirements and discard excess.
However, it is desirable to over-dose, because there is no benefit from them – any more than the required dose will be derived from the body but excessive amounts can strain the kidneys.
 Therefore they should not take more than the recommended dose for the day.


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