Vitamins and their role in the body

What are vitamins?


LMWH Vitamins are organic substances necessary for normal functioning of the body.
They are involved in the metabolism of the body. Involved in the growth and development of the body and maintain biochemical balance in adults.
Vitamins have pronounced biological activity in very small quantities.
 They are not a source of energy or „building material“ for the cells, but affect these processes.
Participate in various chemical reactions at the cellular level by forming specific enzymes for a specific purpose.
After this reaction produces another enzyme that recycles leftovers of the previous one.
To synthesize enzymes and maintain its proper functioning, the body needs constant of vitamins and minerals.
They activate and regulate the functions except the enzymes and hormones in the body.
Vitamins are necessary for the successful release of energy from food.
Inadequate intake of vitamins leads to disturbances of physiological processes and functions.
Vitamin deficiency causes damage to health, decreased immunity and appears likely to experience conditions of hypovitaminosis and diseases.
 An insufficient intake of vitamins, malnutrition, dietary regimes and inadequate absorption of vitamins in diseases affecting the intestines grow scarce conditions leading to diseases of the body.
Vitamins are of significant benefit in case of violations of various physiological processes.
There are various vitamins and vitamin-like substances. The body needs all of them, because each involved in various metabolic processes in the body, and one vitamin can not be compensated with the other chemical.
Vitamins are involved in the formation of bones and tissues, the conversion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.


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