Dance as therapy has existed since ancient times.
In antiquity attributed his magical powers, he believed that dance has the power to heal.
Dance is one of the oldest arts and is an essential part of the spiritual heritage of mankind.
It is basically a means of expression and religious ritual in ancient cultures of Native Americans, Indians, Sufis, Incas, Egyptians, African tribes, ancient Greeks and Romans.
It has its manifestation significantly during the Medieval, Renaissance, Romanticism, Modernism.
The magic power of dance is catharsis for many lives and his presence in people’s lives has always been a fundamental role in absolutely all ages, all ethnicities in absolute, absolute all civilizations since the dawn of mankind.
Dance is one of the oldest approaches to therapy that uses rhythm and physical interpretations of healing and self-expression.
It was found that the specific rhythm and movement unity in expression through dance, activated therapeutic effect – accelerating process of physical therapy strengthens the immune system and experiencing a sense of perfect physical condition
Dance is one of the main arts-related direct expression through the body.
The soul is expressed through the body. It is intimate and powerful tool for therapy. Founded on the premise that the body and mind are interrelated, dancing, going to realize one subtle point, point deep inside you that is quiet and silent, you feel blessed, in your center there is an inner peace.
Dance is a dynamic, positive living, which is felt by a growing inner peace.
Dance heals and acts beneficially on absolutely all levels, physical, emotional, mental and energetic.
It is a powerful tool to release the stress of the deepest levels, treat and prevent emotional and mental energy blockages, relieve aggression, restores balance to the energy body, removes frustrations depressed emotions, relieve guilt, depressed old fears.
Dance makes us spontaneous and natural, it is a natural connection between body and spirit.
He is our inspiration.
He is deeply liberation.
Through it we are able to explore, to study its deep, pure nature, to awaken dormant magnificent creature somewhere in us.
Meditation technique that starts with movement, action, and helps another way.
It became a ka-tarzis.
Catharsis to heal, unlock, reconcile, heal open wounds, removes all stale, ogavkavyava it hardened.
It rejuvenates the body and mind, restore a sense of balance and harmony, it enlightens darkness, transforming it ugly. Dance restore the will to live, lifts the spirit, cleanse toxins from the body and mind, renews our entire being.
Dance is always within us, it is innate, everyone can dance without exception, it is only necessary to release the energy of the dancer in us and then traffic flows only.
From the moment we are born when we hear good music body just starts to dance, nobody taught us.
Dance is spontaneity revelation expression.
Dance is a spiritual experience.
When you dance, then dance Be, do not be a dancer.
There comes a time when your only movement in which there is no separation.

The more lively, more energetic, more in it, the less reason take part.
At one point there to dance, and dance will be conquered, they will be taken. Will merge with him will become in him.
Dancing is not passive, it is very active.
Eventually you become the go, the body is forgotten, leaving only the movement. In fact, dance is the most heavenly thing most unearthly art, because it’s just a rhythm in motion.
It is absolutely immaterial, so you can not hold on to it. You can keep the dancer, but never dance.
It just disappears into space: here and then not here … Not here, and then suddenly here. Born from nothing and then again goes nowhere.
The movement is a new phenomenon that appears.
The dancer becomes only a means: the movement prevails.
Dance is a gift by which the soul are manifesting through the body, through which the divine gifts are manifesting in us a gift by which we realize the universal sense of sparkle to shine within us.
Dancing burns an average of 400 calories per hour
Dancing forcing the brain to produce substances that encourage nerve cells to growth.
Dance therapy is gaining ground among the medics who saw it quite effectively an aid in the healing process.
Dance therapy resolves several problems. On the one hand, dance is a form of exercise that anyone can self regulate and unlike other types of exercise brings emotional nature.
On the other hand, it focuses on the body and bodily sensations, helps regulate the rhythm of breathing.
Dance therapy has expressive aspect, ie allows participants to express their current feelings, thoughts that continually excite, fears and worries. Moreover, the free dance is kind of creativity and brings the joy of creation.
Through dance actively develops human body: the strength and flexibility of muscles, grace, sculpture, speed and coordination of movements, governance mechanisms, and each part is.


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