Boost your immune system this autumn!

Autumn arrives soon, the leaves begin to change colors, the days are getting shorter, and our body is tested.

Cool air and low temperatures are a challenge to our immune system and our body is susceptible to colds and flu.

It is therefore necessary to put your health at the forefront, so that your body is prepared for the winter.

A balanced diet, exercise and good sleep are essential for our good health and energy to keep our body.


Eat a balanced diet and you get enough vitamins and minerals in food.
Season are important for vitamins A and C, to protect us from viruses, and vitamin E, a potent atioskidant.

Eat seafood at least two weeks sweating.

They are extremely important for the immune system and equip your body protein, iodine and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Dairy products are not less important because they maintain normal intestinal miroflora.


As they say – healthy mind healthy body.
Do not forget to train and possibly the open, even in cold weather to temper your body.

Exercise will help your body get used to the climate change.

If you can not afford to exercise, do walks in the park or the mountains.

Good sleep

Lack of sleep can lead to a weakened immune system, so good sleep is also essential.

Ventilate regular rooms where you sleep.


Virologists advised to take adjuvants, so our bodies will stimulate your own defenses and deal with an infection without harming the body.

The most appropriate time to start taking them in the fall.

If you are unable to add the necessary vitamins in food combine adoption of adjuvants with vitamins tablets.


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